I need to get these off my chest. I've never written them down before. (Incidents 1 and 2 didn't scare me because I didn't see them coming. Incident 3 took me 3 days to get over, scared the cra* out of me)


18 Years old and first bike
Suzuki GS125es cost £50 ($100) and was in great condition. Near mint. Had the bike two weeks and was starting to enjoy riding, but was always gonna change the back tyre on the bike as the previous owner had squared off the back tyre.

My friends had decided it would be a great idea if all 4 of us went for a ride across town (about 4 miles) to visit a friend. I, as usual decided to bring up the rear being the least confident rider and wished I'd taken the front. 400 yards into the ride from my parent house is a 30mph residential road with a sweeping bend and a reasonably steep curve for 30mph.

They made it round, I didn't. The bike just wouldn't lean over, so I went straight on. Hit the sidewalk (pavement) edge (kerb) at 30, and the forks just folded under the bike. I hit the deck face on, and the bike landed on top of me.

I had a brand new full face helmet on, a wax cotton jacket, and a pair of jeans, a new pair of bike gloves and a pair of steel toe-capped boots from work. Can you picture this idiot lying face down in the pavement with a bike on him? I am laughing at him now writing this. Idiot!!!

Anyway, the bike wasn't even marked, I broke its fall with my face, so my friend came back (after about 10 minutes I might add) and found me still there unable to move, and they all just collapsed laughing. (Some are now ex friends!!!!)

I had fuzzed out a few times with pain by this point, but not lost consciousness so they got the bike up and onto its stand. The full face helmet was toast, the visor had worn right through the centre into two pieces and fallen off, and the helmet was about worn half was through the front to my chin.
Unable to move my left arm much, we set the bike into 2nd gear and I set off back to my parent house with the bike at low speed. I had this unbearable buzzing in my ears, and the further I travelled the more pain I could feel. Once I let the clutch out once, I prayed I'd be able to do it without stopping.

When we got there, the bike was dumped in their drive and I got my car. They were out.
We took my old banger car, and headed for the hospital. 1 friend changed the gears for me (Manual trans). After 1 mile we had to pull over because I couldn't hear him speak for the buzzing in my ears. When we pulled over, I passed out. (He tells me)

I came round about 1/2 a mile from the hospital he was driving and I was in the passenger seat. Odd because he could drive, till then anyway.

Turns out all I had done was concussed myself, dislocated my shoulder, and taken most of the skin off my knees and my side each patch of torn flesh was about 3 inches in diameter. That's what caused the most pain. They cleaned the gravel out with a brush like a toothbrush!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh. Passed out again!!

Oh, finally, I dislocated 4 of my toes. The steel toed boot had bent back and pulled them out of their sockets. (Here's a tip. never wear steel toed boots on a bike)

I was back on the bike in 3 days, with leather boots, pants, and jacket, and a new tyre!!


19 years old and 3rd bike

Kawasaki GPZ550 (ZX550 in U.S.?) unitrackRiding in a group to visit the same friend on the other side of the city 18 months later and again brining up the rear of a group, I was caught by traffic lights and the group went on.

In no particular hurry pulled away from the lights. The guy on the other side of the junction who was heading to the opening at my left pulled forward and appeared as if he was gonna slow and wait till I passed (which he's supposed to) and then floored it and hit me square in the side. I was doing about 25mph at the time and he was about the same. I flew through the air, his bumper hit me square on the right shin, and I went up over the car, hit his windscreen and landed on the sidewalk (pavement) about 20 feet away. Again very little damage to the bike as I got the impact.

He drove off!! As luck would have it a police traffic car was further back in the queue at the junction and went straight after him pulling him over about 400 yards up the road. They took him into custody and I got taken to hospital in an ambulance.

In hospital I was x-rayed to death, but no broken bones were found!! Also leathers lightly scuffed and no rash, just very very sore, with a few pulled muscles. Bike back on the road a week later. Turned out the guy was AWOL from the army. He got 6 month in the clink!! Justice!!

No3 and triple owner. 33 years old.

Out riding this year with a friend, and again brining up the rear. (There's a pattern here!!) We were riding outside Selkirk in Scotland, between Hawick and Selkirk, and the road is very twisty, 60mph limit, single lane road. 

Of course, when you're following an overenthusiastic friend on a 1998 Suzuki 600 bandit (GSF), you're about as far over on the corners as you can be on a 1978 triple. This all happened in about 6 or 7 seconds.

I got to a corner that was just a bit too tight for the 60mph that I was doing, and the road was covered in gravel in my riding line. Shi*. I really cra**ed myself. I had to lean the bike further in and let off the throttle in the hope of missing the gravel on the road or the bike would have gone down on this stuff.

The good news was it was working, and I was missing the gravel. At this point the curve tightened!! Ooops. Well you either lean over more or you end up on the wrong side of the road, so I leaned, only the bike was clearly at its limit because the centre stand not only scuffed, but dug in to the tarmac.. Hmm, what's that funny buzzing noise in my ears ..

The bike stood up bolt upright and shot straight across the wrong side of the road into the path of the oncoming traffic. This is the point at which my bowels escaped past my sphincter and into my shorts. The road was busy and a car had just passed me, I fully expected to meet a car coming the other way. While this was happening, the bike was tank slapping like crazy and heading for the hedges on the other side of the road.

I got out far enough to realise that there was a car coming, though it was still some distance away, maybe 200 yards. I had now managed to recover the tank slap, and get the bike on a straight line again, and I was nearing the gravel on the other side of the road just in front of the hedge.
In the nick of time, I got the bike leaning over again and pulled it back onto the correct side of the road, just as the approaching car passed by with his hand on the horn!!!

That was the biggest fright that I have ever had in my life. I never want to come that close again.
I kept on riding into Selkirk about 2 miles or so up the road and the buzzing in my ears subsided, where I met my friend at the side of the road. He was off the bike and sitting on the grass verge waiting for me looking all cool and rested like he'd been there for ages. Swine. I was sweating very heavily and needed a seat. I relayed the story to him in more detail than this and he burst out laughing (I need to get more sympathetic friends I thought)

He pointed to his centre stand, to show a fresh graze on the side of it and we both fell about laughing then..