For now, here's some photos of the bike arriving.

More to follow soon.


It's been a while since I posted anything on this bike and the main reason for that is the birth of my son. He's a handful, as most babies are.

Anyway, the bike had a few issues. The main one being that when I crawled under it to find out why the centre stand wouldn't work, I discovered that it had rotted through the frame member that held it. Whoops!! So the engine and bits had to come out and the frame needed welded back together.


Once it was welded, getting things back together was fairly straight forward. I've added a chrome 7" headlight bucket, home made fork ears and a cbr1000 master cylinder because of the angle of the bars.

I've had the tank and panels painted as below.


I also have an SV1000 LED taillight and mini chrome indicators to fit. Although not fitted yet, you get the idea from the photo below. I've converted the wiring loom from points to electroic ignition but have as yet failed to start the bike. The plugs I'm using to get the bike running are last years from the blue "E" so I ordered new ones and will be fitting them soon.

I've ordered the late model ignition system for my "2D" which has no mechanical advancer, just a trigger, differenttrigger coils plus a different ignition box. It's marked TID 03-03. (Or 4R2-10 in RED on the outside of it). I run this in the blue "E" and the bike is 100 times more reliable and far easier to start than the original system in the 78-80 bikes. E-Mail me for more details and photos if you like. I'll post on it at a later date.


To be continued...................Soon......................ish....................................