This is the easiest way to put the engine in. I took the cam cover off, and the filter and sump covers. Makes it easier. Also easier on the side shown. Not so easy on the other side.


Then just lift it up with a mate, and no-one gets a sore back Apparently.

With the swing arm refitted and the rear shocks on, it's starting to take shape.The swing arm needs to be centred between the frame mounts, and the bearings preloaded. See your Haynes manual.You'll notice two things in this next picture. I have the tank on it, and it has no wheels.Well I havenowhere else to put the tank as freshly painted parts are everywhere and the front fork stanchions I bought were the wrong ones, so they have to go back.


Still, it looks a bit more like a bike now.The seat in the photo was the one I used, which turned out to be for an 850. The tailpiece is wider and longer than the 750 one, just. This meant that an 850 tailpiece was needed if I wanted to keep that seat. Breaking point in Aberdeen, UK had a tailpiece and a tank. A 25 litre 750 tank which is wider and longer that the standard one and holds 7 litres more fuel than the standard one too. (Long ramge tank. All European 850's were fitted with this tank, it was an option on the "E" model, and most UK "F"'s seem to have one fitted. (Don't know if it was standard)

With the shocks fitted and the wheels attached it looked good. (I later found out that the "Oxon" shocks that I bought for it were cra* and not up to the job. 2 up they were too soft and leaked oil. They failed their second MOT!! after only 2000 miles!!The wheels are powder coated in silver sparkle, which looks ace in the light. The front forks I ended getting from Paul who has more XS's than my house has rooms. They were NOS Yamaha tubes, and the bottoms were NOS Yamaha also from the States ala eBay. The front indicators were replicas courtesy of . The rears were XV535 replicas which I eventually changed to long XS ones from another supplier. (At the time Wemoto didn't have any) I was lucky to get the rear indicator clamps from Adrian (Cheers Ady)I painted the tank, panels and tail myself but had a disaster with the lacquer so Colin bailed me out and repaired the damage and fitted the transfers for me. (Ta bud)


Just a few bits and bobs to do while the tank and tailpiece are waiting to be collected. The side engine cases eventually get polished a few months after this, and a photo of the tank and tail is below. I also polished the speedo and tacho rims from matt black to stainless and finished fitting the brakes. The front right caliper is the wrong hand and should be replaced soon as Ken sent me a spare from Golspie. Ta Ken