There are a number of trains of thought on this subject but no one tyre stands out from the rest. Buy the tyres that you're used to and I certainly wouldn't buy the classic look tyres. I personally favour the Bridgestone Battlax tyres. Watch out for the tyre sizes.

A lot of people think that if the fit a larger rear tyre to the bike that it will improve the handling.

RUBBISH. Stick to the standard tyre sizes as the clearance on the back is very close to the swinging arm and with the modern tyre sizes is within a few millimetres. There have been suggestions that if you put a spacer in the back axle, then you can get a bigger tyre on it. WHY?

What happens then, is the two wheels are out of alignment and the bike handles like a camel in the sahara. (Plus in the UK it will fail it's annual M.O.T. test).

Each model has different wheel sizes. Check the manual for the correct tyres.

Here's my 10 pence worth:

1978 XS750e Back 4.00 x 18" and front 3.25 x 19"