How do I Fit Different Indicators?

The indicators on the XS are getting difficult to get second hand or new in good condition. One drop and they're damaged. My solution for the rear indicators was to use new one from the Yamaha XV535 ( Virago) from They have the same body shape as the XS (Though they are shorter, see below for a fix for this) with a chrome ring around the lense which gives it a slightly more expensive look. As it turns out, the lenses from the XV fit the XS and vice-versa. You need to use the chrome ring with the XV lense. (You would anyway because it looks better) If wished, you can fit the clear lenses that are available for the XV, to give the bike a more modern look.

As the stalk on the XV indicator is shorter than the XS, then you need to replace the indicator mount on the number/licence plate holder. This consists of a short length of pipe through the number plate holder with a slot in the middle for the wiring to exit. Indicator Bracket


Original Style Indicator Clamp


The one on my bike came away really easily but some persuasion may be required. Replace it with a handy piece of standard 20mm electrical conduit, preferably Galvanised if available and cut to the desired length.

You may also have to drill out the holes on the number plate bracket a little for it to fit. Cut to desired length before fitting. Secure with a small weld around either side on the inside and paint the desired colour. Donít forget to drill a slit in the middle also for the wires to come out. The Virago style indicators can now be fitted to the bike.
Push the wires through and pull them out the slot. Dont forget that the body of the indicator needs to be clamped to bare metal for a good electrical connection because............. The wiring on the XV indicator is slightly different. (Not more changes........) They are 12 volts, as the XS ones are, but the XS uses the body of the indicator as a return path for the negative voltage. (Huh?)
The XS indicators have one wire, and the Virago's have two. Fear not. Simply pull the bulb/lamp holder through the rubber grommet and fit a small crimp to the Black wire with White stripe and secure the crimp teminal to the screw inside the body. (Or any part of the indicator body). Don't worry which wire you use, as long as the lamp/bulb holder is insulated from the body of the indicator, either will do the trick. The removed lamp fitting.


XS Lamp holder.


XV Lamp Holder


XV Lamp Holder with One Wire Conversion


Will post photos of them fitted to the bike soon. (Rebuild of frame in progress)