This is the front page from Warren's excellent original site,

We hope to enhance and expand on this concept with, covering more bikes and collecting more information about these excellent bikes.

Welcome to This site was originally intended to be a diary of my rebuild and has grown from there. Here you'll find a variety of useful hints and tips for 750 and 850 triples. There is now a forum for the discussion of these at It's free to register and post, and runs as non profit, as this site does.

Credits To: Lesley for putting up with me!!!

Angela for the best Christmas present ever. (This site)

Graeme for his attention to detail, hard work and constant support.

Kevin for his polishing work. Shiny!!!

Lurch (FJR JIM) for the Parts Book and endless advice and encouragement.

Willie F for the caliper pistons and tensioner manufacture from my pattern, cheers.

Colin for bailing me out and painting the tank and tailpiece, twice now!! Cheers.

Doug for the rack. Cheers.

Simon F for the Diary of a rebuild.

Adrian for the rear indicator clamps, and all others who gave me advice and parts, thanks.

Thank you all.

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