The idea of this page is that's it's a supplier recommendation area extraordinaire. You know that feeling, where you collect stuff from a contractor, like chrome plating, or powder coating, or painting... and you can't believe the quality. In case you don't know that feeling, I'll start from the other direction - Imagine the feeling of unwrapping some component that you've sent away to be worked on, and waited six weeks to receive back - you open it and the first thought is dismay, you could have done better yourself with a wire brush and Hammerite... we all know that .. right ?

Well these suppliers aren't that, they're well and truly in the former category. Smiles all round, pride in a job well financed, a component that is so darned good that it brings that awful "fitting it will make it worse" feeling... so here they are . the pinnacle, the apogee, the zenith, the best ...

Triple S powder coating of Bingley 01274 562474

It was probably the "triple" in the name that ensured this was the only powder coater suitable for the bike. I'd read about Triple S in many bike magazines over the years, and never seen a bad word. It wasn't local to me, but I trecked up there, and deposited my black junk, the fork lowers, and wheels (to be silver). Ten days later I was back to collect, and it was just awe inspiring. Cheap - no, amazing - yes. The best bit is the blanking and masking these guys do, they found holes to blank off that I hadn't even noticed. I could go on, but I won't, you get the idea.

KAS Racepaint of Kettering 01536 483460

Paul at KAS just knows what's needed. Sealed the inside of the tank for me too. Jaw droppingly good paintwork, graphics and general service. Paul's girl friday, Hayley, is super efficient and a happy soul. Overall, a good experience made even better by the quality of the job.

Chrome Restoration Services 02476 364004

 After a large Derby based plating company decided that, despite charging a bowel movingly large amount, they could pick and choose what they fancied plating, and they could explain the reason they didn't want to plate certain parts using some techno-jargon to baffle me, I took the front mudguard to Bob Cooper at CRS. 34L Bayton Road Exhall Coventry CV7 9EJ. 

I'd used Bob before when I did my RD350B, and he's exceptional. The only warning is that his organisational ability doesn't match his professional skill, and so ensure you keep a track of what you have sent Bob. The mudguard that the others had declined, required days of "heavy copper" plating and more days of polishing, but Bob came through, and when he finally remembered me, and remembered the bits I had taken him, and I had retrieved them, it was better than new.

Bob, you're a star.

I Cleenz Macheenz

John at ICM was a real find. The fear with most blast cleaning, or vapour blasting is that someone who isn't involved in your project will blast it to oblivion and damage bearing and/or gasket surfaces. Not John at ICM. In the Triple S mould, he understands what he's doing, and why he's doing it. Basically it's like doing it yourself, but with stuff you probably don't have handy - thousands of pounds of equipment, prodigious skill, and some liability insurance. The magazines send their stuff to ICM... nuff said.

NW Vintage Cycle Parts

Over efficient, over-stocked, and over there (USA). The best bit about Mr.Groom's outfit is that when they say they have that esoteric part in stock, they actually do. For those of you who have ordered from a source, only to find half the order deleted prior to despatch, because Yamaha have discontinued the part, NW Vintage is a real tonic. Fast delivery too (to the UK).



Not a magnificently personal experience, the fork stanchions went off, money changed hands, and the fork stanchions arrived back. But they were beautifully efficient and I got what I wanted. No doubt the stanchions are better than new, they have been trued, and plated and ground and plated again. The things have been through it all, they understandably don't want to talk about it...

R K Leighton

I took two seats to Leightons, and I only collected one. This wasn't because they'd lost one by being careless, nor was it because they'd messed one up and thrown it out - it was because one of my eBay seats had a good pan (rare on a triple) but looked wrong, and the other looked great, but was corroded badly. "Make one that looks like this from the other one", I said. And luckily they got it the right way round... wonderful !

Der Muede Bjorn

The self-styled "Tired Kraut" sells on eBay. Not "cheap" but generally superb condition parts. And hey - you get a small pack of German sweets in every package. In fact I received some German jam, and as a bonus I got a really great rear mudguard.


Worlds End Motorcycles, or WeMoto. They just have stuff that no-one in their right mind would stock, and for that reason they appear here. The buying experience is great too, if there's an error, they will go way above the call of duty (to the end of the world) to sort it out.


Started out selling a few useful parts, mainly replica ones, and have evolved over the last couple of years to be splendid. A cornucopia of components, a smorgasbord of supplies. Just great. Instant shipment and reasonable P&P (unlike some US based sites with XS in their title). Recommended.

NRP Exhausts

Nigel Parker's hand built exhaust emporium, somewhere near Newark. What a stupendous job. Nigel made me a stainless 3 into 2 using photos of originals, and my bike obviously. What I collected was something that Yamaha could only dream of making and you'll tell by the enthusiasm here that he is heartily recommended. Also very reasonably priced for what you get.