Welcome to yamahatriples.com

This website is dedicated to Yamaha XS750 and XS850 motorcycles, produced between 1976 and 1982.

If you think:

  • Four cylinders are too many, but two are not enough
  • Four strokes are better than two
  • Second gear is overrated
  • Shaft drive is a good idea

Then this could be the site for you.

The Forums

Chances are you'll have problems, or need information, or just want to share the joy of Yamaha Triple ownership with like-minded people. If that's the case, then you really need to join one or more of the forums, whch are excellent and free to join.


The UK Yamaha Triples discussion forum was started by Warren Johnston, mainly so that people in the UK and Europe would be able to share info about triples and possibly meet up.

Click on the icon below to visit the UK forum:



The US Yamaha Triples discussion forum has been running for years and has a bigger membership than the UK one. There is a lot of good technical data on the website as well. Click the icon below to visit: